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Wide Panels: With laser screed technology we can lay 25m by 25m wide panels in a single pour. This results in a 70 to 80% reduction in construction joints.

Edge Protection & Load Transfer: Proprietary steel armoured joint and plate dowel system protects the construction joints from heavy traffic and ensures smooth load transfer.

Primary Reinforcement: Laying a steel mesh or adding steel fibres in concrete increases the slab’s strength and is instrumental in reducing cracking in concrete.

Secondary Reinforcement: Adding glass fibres addresses plastic shrinkage when the concrete is still in a wet stage and reduces the crazing cobwebs observed in trowel finished slabs

Surface Hardening: Using dry-shake hardener increases the surface’s abrasion resistance and makes the floor hard and durable.

Densification: Using a Silicate based liquid densifier once the floor slab has completely cured makes the floor hard, dust-free, and glossy.

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